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We are Ross and Cheryl, co-creators of the 'Original' Eternity Bead Ashes Infused Glass Memorial Keepsake. Every piece we make ourselves by hand in-house at our studio 'The Glass Butterfly' in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire UK. We are proud of our impecable reputation for crafting very fine quality personalised glass jewellery incorporating the ashes, earth or sand from a loved one or a special place, and for the wonderful reviews kindly left by our clients thanking us for keeping them updated when we received their loved one and when their glass was crafted and ready to return home to them. We are very motivated to help others experiencing loss. We believe ethics are important in the memorial industry and we support our local and national charites by donating a portion of profits from every bead we craft.

Our sole artist is Cheryl Winterflood, the flare behind the flame... Cheryl handcrafts very high quality glass beads using a skilled process called lampworking which uses a high temperature torch to melt glass at over a thousand degrees Celsius. The beads are then cooled overnight in a special kiln which toughens the beads making them incredibly strong and durable through a process called annealing similar to how bullet proof glass is manufactured.

Years ago we were honoured to be asked by friends to make them some ashes infused glass beads for them after the sad loss of their child, after they were unable to afford the prices offered by other Ashes Glass Memorial Makers. We quickly saw that many 'Glass Ashes Memorial Jewellery' products on the market are very expensive and highly priced. With that in mind Cheryl designed and crafted a personalised glass memorial that is affordable, without any compromise to quality, as well as being incredibly durable. And so The 'Eternity Bead' was born!

We then realised that Sand can be encased in glass too. To date we are the only glass makers that we know of that can preserve your special beach's sand in to glass jewellery. Now everyone in the family can have a memorial or keepsake to treasure forever and at a reasonable price.

We are proud to say that we are also raising money for charity by donating a portion of our profits, and granting discounts to charities.

After having our own personal battles with cancer we are committed to supporting our local charities and helping those affected by loss. We have made our hand-crafted jewellery very affordable for those with a low budget. The price is only £45 for an 'Original' Eternity Bead, with free p&p; encasing a loved one's cremation ashes or Beach sand, on a solid silver curb chain and includes a presentation box. £2.50 is donated to 'Alfes Cause' Charity for each ashes bead sold. www.AlfesCause.org.uk

We also encase beach sand from a honeymoon or a 'once in a lifetime' holiday, such wonderful gifts for anyone who loves the beach. Romantic mementos. Collect the sand as part of your ceremony and wear your Eternity beads forever. Perfect beach wedding gifts for your guests as well as bridal keepsakes. Keep some sand and have them made for those who couldn't attend but wished they could still be a part of your magical beach wedding day. £2.50 is donated to 'The Make-A-Wish Foundation UK' for each sand bead sold. www.make-a-wish.org.uk/

Worldwide shipping is available, and when you place your order with us we will send you our 'Eternity Bead Pack' which will include a protective stamped self addressed envelope and a vial for you to safely send the ashes or beach sand to us in. We will return any remaining ashes/sand back to you along with your New Eternity Bead. We also do multi-buy discount. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope we can help you.

Eternity Beads
Cheryl and Ross