How do you put the ashes/sand into the bead?

The beads are not hollow but are a solid ball of glass.  The ashes/sand is sandwiched between the chosen colour and clear glass.  Once the beads are made they are placed into a kiln and cooled slowly overnight which hardens the glass and makes it stronger.


Can you use anything other than ashes or sand?

We are happy to consider other items but they would have to be non flamable.  We work with a 1000 degree flame so pet hair and breast milk are therefore not able to be used.


Are there any colours that are not advised?

As ashes/sand are generally very light in colour, we would not recommend cream or white as the ashes/sand will not be visible.  Unless, of course, this is the look you wish to achieve.


Do you make Pandora style beads?

Sorry no we don't.  The size of the hole compared to the thickness of glass would make the beads fragile and increasing the risk of cracking/breaking.


How long will it take?

We generally say 14 days from receiving the ashes at the studio.  Depending on work load, this could be more/less.  We will advise you every step of the way.


Can i have a discount/pay less?

A discount is available on larger orders such as beach weddings.  Please email us for a quote.

Discount is also available by quoting a promotional code via the charities we support.