• Glass Bar Eternity Beads

    Available in Two sizes; Large £55 and Small £45. Ashes, Earth soil or Sand is lovingly infused into a stunning coloured 'Glass Bar' Eternity Bead. Beautiful Cremation-Glass memorial keepsakes, In aid of 'The NCTLC Trust'. Encasing a Loved One's cremation ashes into a large lampwork 'Eternity Glass Bar' including an 18" solid silver curb chain or key ring and presentation box.

  • Round Eternity Beads

    £45 The 'Original' Eternity Bead. Ashes, Earth Soil or Sand is lovingly infused into a stunning coloured Round Glass Bead.
    Beautiful Cremation-Glass personal keepsakes, In aid of 'The NCTLC Trust'. Encasing a Loved One's cremation ashes into a lampwork glass bead including an 18" solid silver curb chain or key ring, and presentation box. www.eternitybeads.co.uk/433847819/product/2698985/ashes-glass-eternity-bead?catid=961006

  • Eternity Suncatcher

    £45 Our Eternity Bead Sun-catchers will perfectly present your Eternity Bead for you once placed in a bright window and will catch the sunlight beautifully. If you choose a 'Luminous Blue' Eternity Bead it will store the sunlight during the day and glow Blue at night. They each come with a velvet bag and free Postage and Packing. *Only Round/Original sized beads will fit in the sun-catcher.

Ashes In Glass Memorial Jewellery & Keepsakes


We are specialists in the design and creation of fine quality personalised Ashes In Glass Jewellery and Keepsakes.

Call Eternity Beads on: 07850524363 And Discuss Your Requirements With Us Today.  

We handcraft very fine quality personalised glass jewellery incorporating the ashes, earth or sand from a loved one or a special place. We have built a trusted reputation thanks to the wonderful reviews kindly left by our clients who praise us for keeping them updated, once we received their loved one's ashes, and again when their Eternity bead was ready to return home to them.


We are working to raise funds for the charities we support by crafting the highest quality ashes in glass memorials available, and helping those experiencing loss. Current crafting/delivery time is two weeks from us receiving the ashes.

    Celebrate 'The NCTLC Trust's 10th Anniversary', Helping families who have children with cancer www.NCTLCTrust.com by sharing our links.

*New* Wooden Floating Frame Displaying Eternity Bead on a Silver Chain

*Eternity Beads Exclusive* £45 Wooden Frame with Small Bar Eternity Bead mounted on a Sterling Silver chain. Your loved one's ashes lovingly preserved in a beautiful handcrafted glass memorial keepsake mounted on a 925 Sterling Solid Silver Chain with 925 Silver bead. This deep wooden display frame with glass front and back (12cmx12cmx3.5cm) is self standing or can be wall mounted. Only available from Eternity Beads. In aid of 'The NCTLC Trust'.

For more details and to order click the link below>


Eternity Bead or Bar?

Eternity Beads are also available in the 'Eternity Large Glass Bar' and 'Small Glass Bar' designs, exclusive to Eternity Beads. Inspired and created by glass-artist and co-owner Cheryl Winterflood.

Priced at £55 for a Large Bar and £45 for a Small Bar, including Solid 925 Silver Chain or Keyring and presentation box with Free P&P. See our Online Store page for more details. Visit the link below for more information and to buy http://www.eternitybeads.co.uk/433847819/product/3070105/the-eternity-glass-bar-large-infused-glass-bead?catid=961006


Cremation Ashes Infused Glass Rememberance Jewellery

We have the utmost respect when crafting all our beads which takes place in-house at our 'Glass Butterfly Studio' in Wellingborough, Northants by our sole artist and co owner Cheryl Winterflood.  

Prescision, care and respect is bestowed onto the creation of each Eternity Bead. We feel very honoured to be trusted by you to craft your memorials with your treasured loved one's ashes. All ashes are returned to you and we will only use as little as we can.

Be it the cremation ashes of a loved one or the beach sand from your childs first holiday.... An Eternity Bead will safeguard your treasured memories for you to keep close to your heart.

We are very conscious that it means alot for our customers when we let them know as soon as we have received their ashes, and again once we are ready to send them their finished keepsakes. We consider this an important part of our service for you.

Every 'Eternity Bead' includes an 18" solid 925 sterling silver chain, Sun-Catcher or a key ring, and leatherette presentation box.

£2.50 is donated to 'The NCTLC Trust' charity for every ashes Eternity bead we make for you. Please share our website and The NCTLC website.




In Aid Of...

National Children’s Tumours Leukaemia Cancer- Northamptonshire based cancer charity


 Your purchase includes a donation of £2.50 to help families living with cancer.

The NC TLC Trust is a Northampton based children’s cancer charity dedicated to supporting families living with Tumours, Leukaemia and other cancers. They provide practical and emotional support from the point of diagnosis.

Luminescent Glass

Luminous Blue Glass Memorial Jewellery - glows in the dark

Our new Luminescent Glass collects light and will glow in the dark. Available in Beautiful Blue which glows an iridescent Turquoise.

Every Luminescent Eternity Bead comes with a Free U.V Torch keyring to charge up your Eternity Bead and make it glow brightly.


Eternity Bead Packs

To place your order simply visit our online store via the link below. Please choose which style of bead you would like either 'Bar' or 'RoundBead/Original'. *Colour is to be selected by you on the simple form that we will send you in with your Eternity Bead Pack:



When you order you will receive our 'Eternity Bead Pack'. This will include everything you need to send us either ashes or sand for us to preserve inside your glass bead.

When your Eternity Bead Pack arrives you will find inside: a stamped addressed envelope, a vial for sand or ashes and also a simple form to choose which of our colours (see Colour Collection) you would like for your new Eternity Beads.

As the official creators of the original 'Eternity Bead' we ask our customers to accept no immitations. Purchasing official Eternity Beads products ensures you will receive a personalised glass memorial of the highest quality, as well as the utmost care and attention to detail that we have for every customer. Please visit our guestbook to view testimonials from many of our satisfied customers here> http://www.eternitybeads.co.uk/433852051


Order Your choice of Eternity Beads from our Online Store page and let us help to preserve your treasured memories today.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please visit our Online Store page and choose your bead here> http://www.eternitybeads.co.uk/433847819/category/961006/online-store



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